Let's Do This!

This is THE year for you to make a move! If you’ve been wondering whether to sell, or whether to buy, it’s time to get going! Give me and Bryan a call and we’ll help you take a look at your budget so that you can figure out what’s right for your situation. I just recently made the top 100 of ALL Century 21 Agents, and I am the #1 agent in Rancho Santa Margarita! This designation puts me in the top 1-2% of ALL Century 21 agents WORLDWIDE, and honestly, I can’t reach these levels of success without successfully HELPING my CLIENTS.

"The Feltman Real Estate Group is...about HAPPY clients."

When you get in touch with us, the Feltman Real Estate Group, we invest ourselves in making sure your decision is the right thing to do…if it means that we think you should stay in your home and focus on upgrades and add-ons, then that’s what we will advise you. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve even told buyers that they need to cancel an escrow because I could see that the home just wasn’t going to work for them. The Feltman Real Estate Group is not only about closing the sale…we are about HAPPY clients, finding the right HOME. We treat every client in the ways in which WE would like to be treated…you become our FAMILY!

So…let’s get talking…where do you want to be this year?

Do you still want to daydream about moving into the “right” home, or, do you want the help of the TOP producer in South Orange County who has established herself with consistent, viable business practices that will get the job done?

I vote for me…and the Feltman Real Estate Group! My husband Bryan and I are your dream team and we will be here for every need you have. We’ll stage your home, get it ready for sale, walk sellers and buyers through the paperwork processes, closing, decisions on lending, home warranties, repairs and more—all to ensure you make the best financial investment possible.

Cheers to a Happy New Year and a Happy New Home in 2018!

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